Regulatory Disclosure

Business Continuity Plan Disclosure Statement


CDX Advisors LLC (“CDX” or the “Firm”) has developed a Business Continuity Plan on how the Firm will respond to events that significantly disrupt its business.  Because the timing and impact of disasters and disruptions is unpredictable, the Firm must be flexible in responding to actual events as they occur.


With that in mind, CDX provides you this information regarding the Firm’s business continuity plan.


Contacting the Firm

If after a significant business disruption you cannot contact the Firm or your banker as you usually do at (646) 762-7889, you should send your banker an email or check the Firm’s website at  If you cannot access your through either of those means, you should assume that we have suspended office operations until internet connectivity and cellular phone service has been restored.  Suspending office operations does not mean that all work on your transaction will cease:  CDX bankers will continue to work on your deal, they will just be temporarily out of reach.


The CDX Business Continuity Plan

CDX plans to resume business operations immediately after a significant business disruption and respond by safeguarding the Firm’s employees and property, making a financial and operational assessment, protecting the Firm’s books and records and allowing the Firm’s customers to transact business.  In short, the Firm’s business continuity plan is designed to permit the Firm to resume operations as quickly as possible in light of the scope and severity of the significant business disruption.


The Firm’s business continuity plan addresses data backup and recovery; financial and operational assessments; alternative communications with the Firm’s clients, employees and regulators; alternate physical location of employees; coordination with key service providers; and regulatory reporting.


The Firm’s network vendor provides a hosted cloud environment for the Firm’s books and records and has redundant backup systems in a geographically separate area.  Though every significant business disruption is likely to pose unique problems based on external factors, such as the time of day and the severity of the disruption, CDX remains committed to its objective to restore communications in the event of a significant business disruption to facilitate the execution of the Firm’s engagements.


Varying Disruptions

Significant business disruptions can vary in their scope, from a disruption that affects only the building housing the Firm, the business district where the Firm is located, to the city where the Firm is located or the whole region.  Within each of these areas, the severity of the disruption can also vary from minimal to severe.  In a disruption to only the Firm or the building housing the Firm, CDX bankers will work remotely from their respective home offices.  Under these circumstances, CDX expects to fully recover and resume business within one hour.  In a disruption affecting the Firm’s business district, city or region, the Firm’s bankers will continue to work remotely from their home offices to the extent possible.  In either situation, the Firm plans to continue in business and notify you via phone or email how to contact representatives working on your transactions.


For more information

If you have questions about CDX’s business continuity planning, please contact CDX at (646) 762-7889.